Norfolk Today Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: $56

Learn how Norfolk Islanders live in the 21st Century and the essential services that make life on a tiny South Pacific island possible. This tour shows you what other tours only refer to in passing – so you can understand what really makes Norfolk tick. How do we reap the ocean’s bounty; bring petrol and gas on island; power our world; deal with our waste; forecast the weather; keep ourselves informed and make a global contribution? The Norfolk Today Tour will make it all clear! We will share with you how we catch our fish; show you how we store our fuel and convert the diesel into power; explain what we do with our waste products, including some great recycling stories; demonstrate the role Norfolk plays in worldwide weather monitoring; show you our community radio station and share our favourite watering hole while we relate the island’s significant contributions to the ANZAC tradition.

Not only will you go to installations and parts of the island that few tourists ever see, you will meet the locals who make sure all of these daily miracles and services keep happening. This is a real behind the scenes experience that answers so many of the questions that people go home wondering about.

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