Meet the Team

Megan Christian-Adams

Megan is a 6th generation Bounty Mutineer Descendant and is the quintessential office manager. Megan embraces everyone that steps into Baunti Escapes as if they are her own extended family. She has been the recipient of many customer service awards.

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Les Quintal

Les is an 8th generation Bounty Mutineer Descendant, born on Norfolk Island. Les is a vibrant and knowledgeable character, proud of his heritage and speaks in the local language. Les has been an icon of local touring since 1989.

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Chris Ciantar

Chris is a very experienced Norfolk guide who grew up in Sydney. Chris has a background in Television and has been involved in Trekking and climbing expeditions In the Himalayas and Africa.He has also travelled extensively in Australia.

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Together we will help you discover the World of Norfolk… Our world is home to the Norfolk Island PEOPLE. Over 20 nationalities live here.  Notably it is home to the Pitcairn Islanders, descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty, who arrived here on June 8, 1856. They brought with them cooking, music, and weaving/ plaiting that are still practiced today, and a language that is still spoken.

The Norf’k language (Norfolk language) is a wonderful mix of Tahitian and old English, and it is taught in our school. Our world has an amazing PAST. It is home to the southern hemisphere’s best collection of restored convict built Georgian buildings and structures that are still in community use today – living history indeed! And they are World Heritage listed.

They house our museums, our parliament, and our public service. The convict built pier is one of two places only to launch boats to go fishing, or bring in goods from overseas. Our world is only 8 x 5 kilometres in size, yet it is a PLACE of amazing physical beauty. It is a place blessed with a wonderful sub-tropical climate where the ‘great outdoors’ is yours to enjoy. Where ‘fast food’ is pulled out of the ground. Where 40 endemic species of flora and fauna live. Our air is amongst the cleanest on the planet. The only impurity in our seas is a 220 year old ship wreck of the Sirius.

Our world is somewhere you can take it as easy as can be, or be as busy as you want to be. There are over 70 ACTIVITIES including: amazing marine and nature-based pursuits such as bush walking, sea kayaking, frontier surfing, diving/snorkeling, and deep sea fishing; shopping; dinners; shows and plays; convict and many other historical tours; and clifftop fish dining. Our world is your playground and we look forward to showing you around!